Windshield Crack Repair up to 24 inches. Only 15 to 20 Minutes. FREE with Approved Insurance. Consider No Fault. 

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Windshield Crack Repair up to 24 inches. Only 15 to 20 Minutes. FREE with Approved Insurance. Consider No Fault. 



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Cracked Windshield Repair

Is the windshield damage repairable if, more than 6 inches long (about the length of a dollar bill)?

Once a crack windshield or chip grows larger than a dollar bill, it is still fixable in most cases. Your insurance company will pay the entire cost for long cracks up to
24 inches in most cases, as long as the crack is fixable.  Houston Windshield Repair TX is able to fix auto glass, that most windshield repair Houston companies cannot.

If you don't do anything about the windshield chip, you may need an entirely new windshield. Replacement becomes
your only option once a windshield ding grows more than half of your windshield.

This is because a car windshield is a sandwich made up of two layers of glass with a vinyl layer between them. If
moisture gets into the glass through the long crack, it can damage the vinyl, weaken the car windshield, and compromise its safety.

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If you're still not sure whether to fix or replace your windshield, ask your Patsco Windshield Repair representative. Where your vehicle is concerned, it's better to err on the side of safety.

Windshield Crack Repair Houston tech canrepair windshield chips or cracks up to 24 inches. The windshield ding repair
process stops damage from spreading further and leaves the factory seal around the glass intact.  In most cases, a mend can be completed in 15 - 20 minutes and cost less than a auto windshield replacement.

Free Auto Glass Repair

Free Windshield Chip Repair

The Cracked Windshield Repair Insurance Claim Process
Will filing an auto glass claim count towards my insurance company policy?

Auto glass repair is also a good value. If you have comprehensive coverage, and if you choose to fix your windshield
rather than replace it, most insurance companies will waive your deductible and consider the windshield chip mend
claim no fault, leaving no cost for you. In many cases, insurance companies will not count auto glass damage as a
claim on your policy.  To be certain, please refer to your policy or contact your agent and/or insurance provider to
confirm your specific coverage.


Patsco Windshield Repair works with most insurance companies and can process your claim directly.  Our professional
staff can handle all of the paperwork for you. If there is any question whether a windshield should be repaired or
replaced, both Windshield Repair Houston and the insurance company will insist on replacement.  Safety will never be
compromised for cost and convenience.  Many insurance companies cover long crack repair at 100% coverage with no
deductible. If you are interested in paying for your windshield repair out of pocket. We accept cash and personal checks. Auto glass crack repair cash price $75.


Windshield Repair Cost

Why take that kind of chance when we can restore a simple chipped windshield for less than $75? Additional chips $25 each.

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The repair is free with approved insurance. Consider no fault. Takes only 15 minutes and convenient. Call today 877-717-5520

Repair Your Windshield Instead Of Replacing It

You were driving at high speed. A stone flew out of nowhere and landed straight on the windshield. Whack! You know 
what that meant - a small chip or a long crack. As you got back into the car after surveying the damage, you had 
already decided to send it to the auto repair shop for a replacement. Not only this, your mind had almost finished 
calculating the costs.

Wait a minute! Why don’t you consider a windshield chip repair instead of a replacement? Till a few decades ago, 
replacement was the only available solution for a damaged windscreen. However, modern technology has made it 
possible to repair damages saving time and costs.